Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Bloom Makers Blog Hop Ends Today

A great big thank you to all the talented bloggers who participated in our Spring Bloom Makers Blog Hop! It was a huge success! What a talented group of Makers! I was so inspired by all of their work and enjoyed getting to know everyone along the way. Below are my favorite photos from each project. Take a look and click on the photo links below to see all 11 makers. I hope you are inspired to get started with Spring Bloom and join the Spring Bloom Makers family. Congratulations to all the fabric winners so far. Thank you to the team at Windham Fabrics. Now I open up the #springbloommakers challenge to you and look forward to seeing your creations. Thanks for following along!

Spring Bloom Makers, Fabric Design, Windham Fabrics, Bella Caronia
Today is the last day to enter my #springbloommakersgiveaway on Instagram!

Spring Bloom Fabric, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Wintergreen and The Bee
Wintergreen and the Bee: Fabric Flower Pots! Leah and Bea the talented sisters behind this beautiful blog really think outside the box.

Bella Caronia, Spring Bloom Fabric, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Makers
Nell's Notions: In her busy schedule as marketing director for Windham Fabrics and mom of 5, Nell Timmer still has time to whip up something beautiful. I love her color choices.

Jessica Darling, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Quilts, Spring Bloom Fabric
Jessica Darling: The Bright Pink in her Hide and Seek Quilt really pops out the BLOOM! 

Kristy Daum Quilts, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
St. Louis Folk Victorian: Kristy Daum's Four Squared Quilt makes Spring Bloom dance. I love the yellow tonal background and fun color play! 

Sherri Sylvester, Thread Riding Hood, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
Thread Riding Hood: Sherri Sylvester's Ruffled Plaid Madness Dress is adorable! I mean this is so cute and Springy with the rain boots.

Live a Colorful Life, Cindy Wiens, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
Live a Colorful Life: Cindy Wiens turned heads with this Split Personality pillow. I think the black works so well with the colors. It makes a bold statement.

Live a Colorful Life, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
Live a Colorful Life: Cindy made me a Sew Together Bag with the extra fabric. I am so thrilled!

Spring Bloom Macarons by Poppyprint, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, The Sometimes Crafter, Spring Bloom Fabric
Poppyprint: Krista Hennebury nailed color and balance with this Macaron Quilt. Pattern by The Sometimes Crafter. This photo is beautiful! I can't wait to see this Quilt and meet Krista in person at her Make It Take It book signing at Spring Quilt Market.

And...BLOOM!_Felicity Quilts, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
Felicity Quilts: Felicity Ronaghan's amazing And....Bloom Plus quilt really shows off Spring Bloom fabric. The cascade effect and the quilting is really cool and modern. I love it!

The Studiolo, Casey York, Wisteria, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
The Studiolo: Casey York created a masterpiece of Modern Appliqu√©. Her Wisteria Quilt was influenced by Japanese cloisonn√© enamel designs and she pulls motifs from Spring Bloom Fabric for her pattern. It is brilliant!

Better Off Thread, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric
Better Off Thread: Janice Ryan is a master of the Modern Medallion. Her Spring Bouquet quilt has gotten a lot of attention. It has so much movement it brings the fabric to life!

Whipstitch, Bella Caronia, Windham Fabrics, Spring Bloom Fabric, The Flip Flop Dress
Whipstitch: Deborah Moebes has come up with the perfect dress pattern for parties and playgrounds. This Flip Flop Dress in Spring Bloom fabric is not holding her daughter back from rollerskating.

Bella Caronia, Spring Bloom Fabric, Windham Fabrics

That's a wrap!

Thank you for following along with us! I have enjoyed reading all the comments. I am grateful for your support in this creative adventure. Don't miss our Spring Bloom Pintarest Board. I hope this inspires you to get creative this Spring. If you become a Spring Bloom Maker please share with me. I am so happy to see what YOU make!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Bloom Makers Blog Hop and Giveaway

Spring Bloom Makers Blog Hop starts today! 

Spring Bloom bolts arrive in stores this week! Great timing to get you inspired to sew. 
Because eleven very talented bloggers are sharing their #springbloommakers creations. Check out the exciting line up below and follow along with us! I can't wait for you to see it all!


April 23 Jessica Darling

May 2 Bella Caronia Blog That’s a Wrap

You can win fabric on each blog and I will be sharing photos of all the projects on Instagram with a fat quarter bundle GIVEAWAY at the end! To win follow me (@bellacaronia) on Instagram and repost any of the Spring Bloom Makers photos with #springbloommakersgiveaway and I will randomly select a winner from the hashtag feed on May 3rd!

The color in Spring Bloom is inspired by my new life in Southern California. I grew up outside of Chicago and was accustomed to a four seasons climate. I always looked forward to Spring and all the fresh flowers, colors and scents it brought with it. When I first moved to California the time seamed different without four distinct seasons. It took me a long time to get used to it. Now I appreciate that there are gardens blooming year round and I am constantly surrounded by color. I look forward to seeing flowers everyday. So I hope the bright colors in Spring Bloom fabrics get you excited for Spring!

Spring Bloom Fabric

Bella Caronia Fabrics are manufactured and distributed by Windham Fabrics a producer of the finest quality fabrics for the home sewing industry. For information on where to purchase Spring Bloom Fabric you can see the Windham Store Locator here.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Spring Bloom Fabric

I am so excited to introduce the Spring Bloom Fabric collection with Windham Fabrics that ships to stores next week! We are debuting the collection with an exciting Spring Bloom Makers blog hop starting April 20th. This is the first of many blog posts about my artistic adventures. To kick it off I want to share the photos from the Spring Bloom look book. We shot these photos around the beaches and gardens in Los Angeles.

You can find information about these free patterns here.